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The HGBA is a reflection of the cultivation of the spirit of business excellence. This is accomplished by recognising the achievements that have been achieved by businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs, in particular those within the HQC Clientele. The objective of the award is to encourage the development of the company, to encourage honesty in business, to build an amazing product and service image, and finally, to satisfy the purpose of corporate branding, which is crucial in maximising market shares as returns in the middle of a competitive business environment.

HGBA is organised by HQC Commerce Sdn Bhd (HQC) and backed by a number of prestigious organisations, such as the Malaysia Islamic Chamber of Commerce (Putrajaya), Halal Centre for Research and Training, Malaysia, Itrademark Malaysia, and Brandthink. In addition to this, HQC has been collaborating extensively with the Malaysia Retail and Chain Association.

HQC is one of the key players in the Halal Industry and has assisted more than one thousand enterprises in Malaysia in obtaining their halal certification. This accomplishment makes HQC one of the leading players in the Halal Industry.

HQC is a strategic partner to Malaysia International Halal Academy of Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). HQC is also acknowledged by many government agencies such as SME Corp, MARA and MATRADE etc. as one of leading halal solution provider in Malaysia.

HQC’s list of clients includes Subway, Tealive, Daboba, Empire Sushi, Ah Cheng Laksa, Me’nate, Tea Garden Konvucha, Chatto, Grand’s Mama, Manipal Hospital, Eraman Catering (MAHB), Ayam Penyet Best, Zenith Hotel, Raj Banana Leaf, Original Banan Leaf, Grand Mama Restaurants, PKT Every 24 Logistic, and many more.

HGBA doesn’t just see itself as an inauguration ceremony. Instead, they see themselves as a brand. The experts who make up HQC have been working in the halal industry since 2009. In 2021, the HGBA came into existence after a decision that had been discussed about for more than 10 years. The HGBA chooses no more than 80 winners each year so that the award can continue to be one of the most prestigious in the industry.

With the support of the HGBA’s well-known branding and extensive expossure outreach, winners will earn credibility and professional benchmarking in their respective sectors, and most crucially, they will attract more possible business possibilities. Participation in international exhibitions, internet media, social media, and print will provide this exposure.

In addition, HGBA has created HGBA Business Circle, a special group for winners. This group’s purpose is to help the winners in their attempts to create business relationships, which will help them in their networking activities.

All local businesses, organisations, and people with a presence in Asia are eligible to participate for the award titles.

No, submissions may be submitted by any qualifying organisation or individual.

As long as a individual or organisation meets the category’s eligibility requirements, there are no restrictions to how many distinct applications they may submit.

Given that one of the primary goals of the award is to establish and reinforce the company’s brand through the global exposure, there will be numerous exposure packages to choose from, each of which will be differentiated according to the type of international exhibition, media exposure, and post-event incentives that are included in the package.

Regrettably, no, since the HGBA is completely reliant on the exposure packages to cover the cost for the event’s ceremony and brand exposures. However, HGBA will select and sponsor 5 promising start-ups based on the Board of Committee’s selection.

Definitely. Only the authorised board of committees has access to the information and documents for review and judging purposes, and no information is provided to any other parties without prior agreement from the organisers.


Our Board of Committees can be found here.

The venues and dates will be announced in conjunction with the respective international exhibition, depending on the closest future event.

Committee members come from a variety of businesses and have varying levels of credential and stature. To ensure that the judging process is conducted properly, each person is requested to disclose any conflicts of interest they may have, such as former colleagues or employers.

Anyone from any industry is invited to attend. The industry categories may be found here.

A list of previous winners may be seen here.