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Awards Description

HQC Excellence Brand Award. Creates accreditation, respect, familiarization, loyalty and customer identification through building a strong brand image in the mind of consumers.

HQC Trust and Honesty Enterprise. Helps to promote trust and honesty for consumer by providing high quality product and services which adhere to the standard.

HQC Best Service Award. To give recognition to the entrepreneur that go above and beyond in delivering exceptional customer experiences, showcasing dedication, innovation, and a commitment to excellence in service.

HQC Emerging Brand Award. To give recognition to the outstanding performance of organization achievement. Organization led to quick development of business, high earnings, which is turn, place their company / organization on a leading edge in the industry.

Quality Health Brand Award. To give affirmation and encouragement to enterprises that produce high quality product and services that adhere to the international standard such as ISO, GMP, HACCP and etc.

CEO of The Year. To give credit to CEO of the company that shows outstanding performance in the industry and its contribution in the field of business which has set a high benchmark in the industry.

Young Entrepreneur Award. To give recognition to young entrepreneur that contribute high passion to the business field and resulted in high profits and reputation to the business.

Excellent Leadership Award. The Excellence Leadership Award will be awarded to outstanding entrepreneur who has shown business excellence in his/her industry. This award recognize evidence of leadership, abilities in implementing the vision, empowering staff and possesses acute management skills.