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HQC Commerce Sdn Bhd (HQC) is a strategic partner to Malaysia International Halal Academy of Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). HQC is acknowledged by many government agencies as one of leading halal solution provider in Malaysia. Aside from JAKIM, the company work closely with SME Corp, MIDA, MATRADE, MARA, etc. In matters pertaining to halal industry. HQC work closely with their clients by advising the right guidelines and regulations that involve with their applications. In addition, we extend our consultation services by assisting our clients on the documentation process for the submission purposes. At HQC, services are beyond than just advisory and consultancy, as they conduct on-site pre-audit and mock-audit process at client’s premises. By having this, the clients would experience how the actual audit by JAKIM would be looks like.

HQC clientele list includes Subway, Tealive, Daboba, Empire Sushi, Ah Cheng Laksa, Me’nate, Tea Garden Konvucha, Chatto, Grand’s Mama and may others.


Branding is a necessary global strategy for enterprises to sustain and expend, wherein the creation of the corporates’ own brand in the early stages of business ensures that their brand is instilled in the mindset of customers, therefore positioning themselves at an advantage and maximizing market shares as returns, in the midst of a competitive business world.

Thus, brand building is the unique inner strength of an enterprise which undergoes formulated positive culture, leading to continuous development and steady business growth. The award represents the cultivation if the spirit of branding amongst enterprises and also the solid steps taken to stimulate the rapid growth of the enterprise to promote honesty in business, create impressive product or service images and lastly to meet the purpose of corporate branding.